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Daily Affirmations For Manifestation & Abundance

Create the life you desire through daily affirmations and intentional thought.

In Daily Affirmations: Live Intentionally you will receive a downloadable guide filled with affirmations and questions to enhance abundance and possibilty in your life.

BONUS: FREE Affirmations Audio Loop.

When we listen to a mantra or saying repettitively, it becomes more real for us. Imagine listening to an audio of inspiring and uplifting affirmations while drifting off to sleep. As you drift off to sleep your subconscious begins to listen, this is the best time to begin an audio affirmation loop as it will assist your subconscious to create a new dialogue.


Purchase today for immediate access and begin your journey into manifesting the life that you desire!


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How To Teach Virtual Yoga, Like A Pro eBook

How To Teach Virtual Yoga, Like A Pro! -And Get Paid Doing It!


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Hurry Up & Meditate

Hurry Up & MeditateTM is your go to for a bundle of quick guided meditations! 

In the Hurry Up & MeditateTM Program you will receive

  • Meditation Set Up Guide {for your most delicious meditation}
  • 3 Guided Meditation Audios {to listen anywhere, even on the go}
  • Journal Writing Prompt Sheet {to inspire your most creative writing post meditation}

Purchase today and receive these goodies in a flash!  Your mind and body thanks you!


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Little Laughing Yogini Package

Little Laughing Yogini Plush Doll and Little Laughing Yogini Soft Cover Book delivered to you!


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Manifesting Maven

Do you desire a life that is intentionally made, by you? Do you think all things happen TO you or do you want things to happen FOR you?

My friend, Manifesting Maven is your guide to creating a life that you desire. Throughout each chapter you will become one step closer to becoming a Manifesting Maven. You will become one step closer to being in charge of your life and how events unfold, every day. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to begin and create everything you imagine and more. Are you ready?


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Mini Hot-Friends Course

Step into healthy living at your pace.  Therapeutic Chair Yoga video, Yoga at Work Guide to print for yoga on-the-go, and a beginner's guide to Raw Meals mini recipe book {with mouth watering recipes you can take anywhere!}.


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Therapeutic Yoga

All levels Chair Yoga class.   Want to feel more range of motion in your neck and shoulders?  Need a moment to relax and feel refreshed?  You are moments away from enjoyment. Click purchase, download, and enjoy.


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Yoga For Beginners

Learn how to slay yoga like a rockstar!  This easy to use breakdown will show you how to begin yoga and rock it with enough time in your day to still pick up the kids from school!

Receive a Downward Dog tutorial infographic and Healthy Must Have Apps Guide and a Foundations of Flow ebook to add to your new yoga lifestyle!


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Yoga To The Core

You know you like it quick, you know you like it easy to follow, so you KNOW you will like this!

Easy to follow + QUICK, Yoga to the Core, strengthening video package.


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