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Learn how to slay yoga like a rockstar!  This easy to use breakdown will show you how to begin yoga and rock it with enough time in your day to still pick up the kids from school!

Receive a Downward Dog tutorial infographic and Healthy Must Have Apps Guide and a Foundations of Flow ebook to add to your new yoga lifestyle!


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Hey HOT Friends!

You wanted the opportunity to learn or re-learn your practice and I have answered your whim! In this sweet little bundle of yoga joy, you will receive:

  • A 10 minute Yoga Practice with me, to do anywhere at anytime! (No more excuses)
  • Badass Healthy App Guide to bring more sweetness into your life.
  • Breakdown infographich of the worlds most favorite pose, Downward Dog. (To soften the monkey mind of "Am I doing this rigggghhhhtt?" {Said in the most amazing Urkle voice you could imagine})
  • A customized picture ebook that breaks down each pose in a Sun Salutation! Create a solid foundation with THIS book alone! (a $17 value!)

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