Yoga To The Core SKU: QTC

You know you like it quick, you know you like it easy to follow, so you KNOW you will like this!

Easy to follow + QUICK, Yoga to the Core, strengthening video package.


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Your core deserves to be strong and flexible.  Let's build it together, in a bodacious way!

In this goodie bag, you my HOT Friend, will receive:

  • A 10 Minute Yoga to the Core video.
  • Preventative infovideo on how to avoid (and mend) "Text Neck".
  • 3 Tips From A Yoga Teacher To Building Your Best Self!

Now go out there and rock it, Hot friend!

Stay tuned to @outdooryogini on Periscope for more healthy tips and 'engaging' content to better your most badass self!