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How To Teach Virtual Yoga, Like A Pro! -And Get Paid Doing It!


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Think of this as your go - to manual when setting up your virtual yoga studio. 

You are the reason your students come to class.

They want to learn from YOU, so while we are all at home - now is the time to enhance their life with your gift. 

In my How To Teach Virtual Yoga - and get paid doing it, ebook - you will learn:

  • How to set up a virtual studio effectively
  • What to use for a premium virtual yoga experience
  • What to AVOID while on film
  • How to leverage your already created content
  • Virtual Studio Set Up Cheat Sheet

Teach yoga anywhere!

Hi! I am Brittney Hiller Founder and CEO of Effervescence YogaSpa - a three time award winning brick and mortar yoga studio and spa located in Beaufort, SC.  During the recent pandemic, I was instructed to close my studio for the safety of my Members.  I was delighted to have already created a virtual yoga studio to continue to supporting Members of EYS with during this time and it has proven to be extremely beneficial.  I will teach you all that I know so that YOU may create your virtual space and begin teaching those who know, like, and trust YOU.

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